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Wondering Sound Feature Mean Creek


In two short features, Wondering Sound, recently posted up about Boston rockers, Mean Creek while they made their trip down to Austin for SXSW. Recording a relaxed take of single, ‘My Madeline,’ Mean Creek also exchanged words with Wondering sound about what they’d do if one of America’s most wanted criminals moved in to the flat next door to them.


Mean Creek’s newest record, ‘Local Losers’ is out April 8th via Old Flame!

Noisey Premier ‘My Madeline’ by Mean Creek

Mean Creek 1 (Nick Curran)

Off their forthcoming record, ‘Local Losers,’ the folks over at Noisey recently premiered the second single from Mean Creek, with their track, ‘My Madeline.’ Talking about how friendly and awesome Mean Creek are as a band, Noisey touched on the reassuring qualities found within ‘My Madeline(‘s)’ lyrics and the ‘sugary’ quality of Chris Keene’s vocals as Aurore backs him up with “scuzzed up guitars.” Noisey also compared Mean Creek to Sebadoh, for making great use of the minor chord.

‘Local Losers’ is out April 8th via Old Flame Records.

emusic Loves Mean Creek

Mean Creek: Local Losers Release Announcement

Boston rockers, Mean Creek, are enjoying the kind words from the folks over at emusic, where their track, ‘Cool Town’ was recently featured as the daily download. Also over on emusic, Mean Creek were featured as being a, Next Big Thing, for 2014 and said to have, “arena-sized ambitions. emusic also said that, ‘Cool Town,’ “intersperses punk’s desire to get out with indiepop’s resigned sighs.”

Daily Download:

Next Big Thing:

*Mean Creek’s forthcoming record, ‘Local Losers,’ comes out in just about a month via Old Flame Records.

Stereogum Premiers ‘Cool Town’ Video by Mean Creek

In anticipation for their January record, ‘Local Losers,’ Boston rockers, Mean Creek, have just had their brand-new and wildly fun music video for, ‘Cool Town’ premiered via the folks at Stereogum. A tribute/knock-off of Alanis Morissette’s video for, ‘Ironic,’ Mean Creek brought out the wigs and their fun-loving personalities to make the video. Check it out and have a laugh, it’s worth the three minutes! Oh, and Chris is wearing SLEEVES!



Mean Creek to Release Record in January


We are thrilled to announce that we’ll be putting Mean Creek’s next record, ‘Local Losers’ in January of next year! The Boston band has been praised for their edgy garage-punk aggression with a seriously emotional and personal touch. Coming off a win at the 2012 Boston Music Awards for Best Album with, ‘Youth Companion,’ Mean Creek has been hard at work writing and recording their newest record.

The four members of Mean Creek all grew up together in Massachusetts. Listening to similar sounds from the area, they come from a long tradition of Massachusetts bands who also embraced punk inspired rock music; Mission Of Burma, Pixies, Dinosaur Jr., The Lemonheads- all of these bands left a lasting impact on the members of Mean Creek.

“Local Losers” is the latest offering from the band. Eight tracks that go by at break neck speed, played with the kind of desperation & force only a young, hungry rock band can bring; A true reflection of their energetic live show. These are songs about love, confusion, loneliness, and heartbreak. Throughout all of life’s ups and downs, two things have always held true for these four, their music and friendship. It’s the sounds, ideas, and emotions that they create when they are in a room together, and that is what this album is all about.

Single, ‘Cool Town’ is available for streaming on Impose Magazine, where the album was announced. Mean Creek will be playing a handful of fall dates across the Northeast in the coming months, so keep an eye out!

  • 9/15 – Worcester, MA @ START Festival
  • 10/11 – Providence, RI @ Dusk
  • 10/07 – Northampton, MA @ Sierra Grille
  • 10/08 – Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium
  • 10/09 – Allston, MA @ Great Scott
  • Mean Creek’s ‘Sweet Thing’ in CBS’ ‘Under The Dome’



    ‘Sweet Thing’ by Mean Creek will be featured tonight (8/19) in CBS’s new hit drama, Under The DomeIt will be played towards the end of the episode to add extra emotion to the closing moments of,  ”The Fourth Hand.”

    Watch the Shark? California Grrls Video on Stereogum

    The fine folks at Stereogum premiered the humorous new video from Shark? Watch “California Grrls” now if you want a cheap laugh and come see them play with Mean Creek and Radical Dads tonight at Death By Audio in Brooklyn if you want a cheap rocking.

    From Stereogum:
    “NYC garage quartet Shark? seem to inhabit a world where primarily everyone dons a poor quality Ronalde Reagan (I assume this is Reagan. Just a janky, janky Reagan) mask in their normal lives. They wear a Reagan mask when they’re at band practice, making out, and stealing people’s purses. It’s the right display of Shark?’s sense of humor, whose anti-ode to the women of the west coast “California Grrls” may be vitriol-laden but seems to have a tongue-in-cheek sensibility to it. The band has just released the song with Old Flame Records, who will also drop their full-length Savior later this year. Watch the video below.”

    Shark? – “California Grrls” Video from stereogum on Vimeo.

    MTV Hive Premieres Mean Creek ‘Come On Before It’s Gone’ MP3


    MTV Hive premiered the latest cut off the brand new Mean Creek LP, comparing it to a cross between The Replacements, Dinosaur Jr, and Yuck. Check out ‘Come On Before It’s Gone’ over at MTV Hive now!

    Check them out along the west coast as they continue their tour with Counting Crows. As Adam Duritz said, ”Come out early, those bands we have opening are really great. Mean Creek in particular, they remind me of the Pixies, they are incredible.”

    • November 14th Albuquerque, NM at Kiva Auditorium
    • November 16th Tucson, AZ at AVA Amphiteatre
    • November 17th Temecula, CA at Pechanga Casino
    • November 20th San Francisco, CA at Nob Hill Masonic Center
    • November 24th Los Angeles, CA at The Wiltern
    • November 25th Anaheim, CA at The Grove

    Tons of Old Flame Bands Swarming NYC for CMJ Next Week

    Old Flame has many great new bands playing this year at CMJ.

    For those of you who will be in town we are throwing 2 parties. We’d love to see you at either or both!

    First on Thursday October 18th. Old Flame and A Heart Is A Spade Present and Official CMJ Showcase at Pianos (Upstairs).

    7:00pm Fantasy Rainbow
    7:45pm Your Youth
    8:30pm Lost Boy ?
    9:15pm You Won’t
    10:00pm Turf War
    10:45pm Mean Creek
    11:30pm Twin Tigers

    We are also throwing a fun day party with Heist or Hit Records (UK) that will have loads of FREE Brooklyn Brewery beer at Delinquency in Bushwick!

    12:15pm Gross Relations
    1:00pm Your Youth
    1:45pm Caged Animals
    2:30pm Twin Tigers
    3:15pm Shark?
    4:00pm Fantasy Rainbow
    4:45pm Lost Boy ?
    5:30pm Tiny Victories

    See below for a full list of upcoming CMJ shows for all our participating artists:

    Lost Boy ?
    10/16 11pm @ Bell House (149 7th Street)
    10/17 5:30pm @ Legion (790 Metropolitan Avenue)
    10/18 8:30pm Old Flame Showcase @ Pianos Upstairs (158 Ludlow St)
    10/19 4:45pm Old Flame//Heist or Hit Day Party @ Delinquency (1031 Grand St BKLYN)
    10/19 11:30pm Spincloud Party @ Fontanas (105 Eldridge Street)
    10/20 9:15pm Louisiana Purchase Party @ Legion (790 Metropolitan Avenue)

    Mean Creek
    10/16 10:45pm Allston Pudding Show @ Union Hall (702 Union Street)
    10/17 2pm Pirate Pirate Party @ Fontanas (105 Eldridge Street)
    10/17 7pm Official CMJ Show @ Alphabet Lounge (104 Avenue C)
    10/18 Old Flame Showcase @ Pianos Upstairs (158 Ludlow St)
    10/19 Outlaw Roadshow @ Bowery Electric (327 Bowery)

    10/19 Old Flame//Heist or Hit Day Party @ Delinquency (1031 Grand St BKLYN)
    10/20 9:40pm Get Bent!/Dirty Laundry TV Party @ Pianos (158 Ludlow St)

    Turf War
    10/16 10pm @ Bell House (149 7th Street)
    10/17 11:30pm Surprise Attack! Party @ Webster Hall Marlin Room (125 East 11th Street)
    10/18 10pm Old Flame Showcase @ Pianos Upstairs (158 Ludlow St)

    Twin Tigers
    Wednesday 10/17/12 9pm Team Clermont Showcase @ Union Pool (484 Union Ave)
    Wednesday 10/17/12 12am Let’s Get Messy Party @ (249 4th Avenue)
    Thursday 10/18/12 11:30pm Old Flame Showcase @ Pianos Upstairs (158 Ludlow St)
    Friday 10/19/12 2:30pm Old Flame//Heist or Hit Day Party @ Delinquency (1031 Grand St BKLYN)

    You Won’t
    10/16 3:15pm I Rock I Roll Party @ Pianos (158 Ludlow St)
    10/16 10pm BANNERS Showcase @ Pianos (158 Ludlow St)
    10/17 9pm Songs from a Room NYC (private show)
    10/18 4:30pm Floating Fest @ Pianos (158 Ludlow St)
    10/18 9:15pm Old Flame Showcase @ Pianos Upstairs (158 Ludlow St)
    10/19 12:30pm Outlaw Roadshow @ Bowery Electric Map Room Stage (327 Bowery)
    10/19 7:45pm Danger Village Party @ Delinquency (1031 Grand St BKLYN)
    10/20 4pm BuzzChips / My Free Concert Party @ Living Room (154 Ludlow St)

    Your Youth
    10/18 7:45pm Old Flame Showcase @ Pianos Upstairs (158 Ludlow St)
    10/19 1pm Old Flame//Heist or Hit Day Party @ Delinquency (1031 Grand St BKLYN)

    Mean Creek Youth Companion Release Show Tonight in Boston, CMJ, Touring With Counting Crows

    Tonight at the Brighton Music Hall in Boston, Mean Creek celebrate the release of Youth Companion. Fellow Old Flame band You Won’t joins them on the bill. It shall be amazing.

    Mean Creek CMJ Dates
    10/16 10:45pm Allston Pudding Show @ Union Hall (702 Union Street)
    10/17 2pm Pirate Pirate Party @ Fontanas (105 Eldridge Street)
    10/17 7pm Official CMJ Show @ Alphabet Lounge (104 Avenue C)
    10/18 Old Flame Showcase @ Pianos Upstairs (158 Ludlow St)
    10/19 Outlaw Roadshow @ Bowery Electric (327 Bowery)

    Then Mean Creek starts their tour with Counting Crows: