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‘Bazooka Joe’ Video by TOONS Premiers on Bedford + Bowery


With TOONS self-tilted debut coming out next week via Old Flame, the folks over at Bedford and Bowery have just premiered the video for track, ‘Bazooka Joe.’ Talking about it’s simplicity and free-form style, the article features a quick interview with TOONS that talks about the exciting and fun nature of both the video and the music.

Be sure to go see TOONS at Pianos on Wednesday (3/19) alongside Shark?Mean CreekGross Relations andLife Size Maps.

Noisey Premier ‘My Madeline’ by Mean Creek

Mean Creek 1 (Nick Curran)

Off their forthcoming record, ‘Local Losers,’ the folks over at Noisey recently premiered the second single from Mean Creek, with their track, ‘My Madeline.’ Talking about how friendly and awesome Mean Creek are as a band, Noisey touched on the reassuring qualities found within ‘My Madeline(‘s)’ lyrics and the ‘sugary’ quality of Chris Keene’s vocals as Aurore backs him up with “scuzzed up guitars.” Noisey also compared Mean Creek to Sebadoh, for making great use of the minor chord.

‘Local Losers’ is out April 8th via Old Flame Records.

Rookie Mag Premier ‘Black and Studs’ Video by Potty Mouth


Off their debut album, ‘Hell Bent’ Potty Mouth have just had their video for, “Black and Studs” premier over at Rookie Mag. Rookie described the track as being the, ‘holy trinity of punk,’ as Potty Mouth perform about, ”honesty, authenticity, and rebellion.” The premier also featured a great interview with Abby and Ally about what it’s been like since releasing the record and the all the stuff that comes with it.

‘Fingers’ Video by Shark? Premiers on MTV


Brooklyn rockers, Shark?, have released yet another quirky video to accompany one their tracks. Off their 2013 record, ‘Savior,’ Shark? pieced together strings of footage taken from various tours in 2013 to play underneath, “Fingers.” in MTV’s Premier, they described the video as a, “seizure-inducing barrage of images matches perfectly the frantic quality of the song.” Bassist, Andy Kinsey also mentioned in the piece, that Shark?’s tours are often like embarking on a journey with the 3 Stooges, which is pretty well encapsulated in the video!

‘Chinchilla’ Video by Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid Premiers on Esquire

Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid: 'Chincilla'

Off of their collaboration EP entitled, ‘Dreamboats,’ the brand new video for Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid’s track, ‘Chinchilla,’ has just premiered on Describing the EP as a, “sunny disposition from the fuzz, reverb, and simple power chords inspires the kind of affection you’d normally reserve for Weezer’s Blue and other alt-rock gems from your teenage years,” Esquire went on to talk about how the video transforms, “beloved snack foods into demons.”

Check out the premier and entire feature on Esquire:

Buy ‘Dreamboats’:

Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid – “Chinchilla” from Geoff Hoskinson on Vimeo.

‘We Do It All The Time’ by SW/MM/NG Premiers on Spin

Cover Art- 'We Do It All The Time'

The second of three digital singles to be released by SW/MM/NG via Old Flame, ‘We Do It All The Time’ has just premiered over at Spin. Calling both, ‘We Do It All The Time’ and ‘Oils’, “sun-baked tunes,” SW/MM/NG are expected release their debut record next year.

Spin Premier:

‘Shatter’ Video by Distant Correspondent Premiers on The Big Takeover


With yesterdays release of their much awaited debut record, Distant Correspondent, has just had the video for track, ‘Shatter’ premier on The Big Takeover. Directed by, Molly McIntyre, the video is beautifully animated and was described as being, “dark and lovely.” and “powerful,” by the Big Takeover.

Buy ‘Distant Correspondent’:

‘Dreamboats’ by Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid Premiers on Noisey


Recently brought on-board the Old Flame roster, Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid have teamed up to record a split record, well sort of… You see, Noisey described the relation between Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid as being a, “bromance,’ in their album premier, and honestly, we can’t think of another way to describe it. The two have teamed up, bromantically, to co-write and record a collaboration record called, ‘Dreamboats’ which is due out digitally on Old Flame October 29th.

Check out the kind words over at Noisey:

Stereogum Premiers ‘Cool Town’ Video by Mean Creek

In anticipation for their January record, ‘Local Losers,’ Boston rockers, Mean Creek, have just had their brand-new and wildly fun music video for, ‘Cool Town’ premiered via the folks at Stereogum. A tribute/knock-off of Alanis Morissette’s video for, ‘Ironic,’ Mean Creek brought out the wigs and their fun-loving personalities to make the video. Check it out and have a laugh, it’s worth the three minutes! Oh, and Chris is wearing SLEEVES!



Stereogum Premiers ‘Savior’ by Shark?


With their October 1st release only days away, Stereogum has premiered Shark?’s newest record, ‘Savior,’ in it’s entirety. All nine tracks are available for pre-release streaming exclusively on Stereogum. Check out fall tour dates and pre-order Shark?’s record now!

Shark? Tour Dates
10/01 Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio (Release Show)
10/03 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
10/04 Toronto, ON @ Parts & Labour
10/05 Toledo, OH @ Ottowa Tavern
10/06 Chicago, IL @ The Burlington
10/07 Ann Arbor, MI @ Campus Show
10/08 Bloomington, IN @ The Bishop
10/09 Cleveland, OH @ Mahall’s
10/11 Boston, MA @ Radio