Dave Segedy

“Based out of Bloomington, IN, drummer Dave Segedy has spent the last little while making music as one third of slacker rock outfit Sleeping Bag. For his latest project, however, he’s owning up to his own name and going solo for his debut LP Schrodego — and Exclaim! is streaming the new record a week before it officially lands. The album opens with what Segedy knows best — drums. “Kevin Durant” is a minute-and-a-half drum solo tribute to the titular basketball star that rolls into the rest of the record. The guitars emerge for garage rocker “Dillon’s Quest” and stick around throughout fuzzed-out jams like “Car,” “Summer School” and “Logan’s Run.” It’s lo-fi one-man rock’n'roll at its finest, and you can hear it in all its glory in the player below. Schrodego is out on March 24 through Old Flame (digitally) and Jurassic Pop Records (on cassette).” – Exclaim!

“Most of the tracks on Schrodego were recorded in just one or two takes, giving tracks like “Walk Around”—which combines a vocal melody reminiscent of the Beach Boys with overblown guitars that are a little closer to Pixies territory—a deeply casual quality. It’s like listening to your friend’s stuff that they recorded on their four-track after a couple beers, except you don’t have to lie when you tell them it sounds really cool.” – Entertainment Weekly