emusic Loves Mean Creek

Mean Creek: Local Losers Release Announcement

Boston rockers, Mean Creek, are enjoying the kind words from the folks over at emusic, where their track, ‘Cool Town’ was recently featured as the daily download. Also over on emusic, Mean Creek were featured as being a, Next Big Thing, for 2014 and said to have, “arena-sized ambitions. emusic also said that, ‘Cool Town,’ “intersperses punk’s desire to get out with indiepop’s resigned sighs.”

Daily Download: http://www.emusic.com/17dots/2013/12/10/download-mean-creek-cool-town/

Next Big Thing: https://citia.com/content/title/emusic-2013-the-year-in-music/next-big-things/seven/mean-creek

*Mean Creek’s forthcoming record, ‘Local Losers,’ comes out in just about a month via Old Flame Records.