Letting Up Despite Great Faults are the featured band today on NPR’s World Cafe

The fine folks over at World Cafe have featured Letting Up Despite Great Faults as their band of the day today.

World Cafe shared Teenage Tide as part of a compilation of up and coming bands a few days back. You can download the full sampler here.

Of Letting Up World Cafe says, “A melancholy dissonance between teenage inferiority and uncontainable optimism courses through the band’s wistful tunes, which find Lee sounding both nostalgic and caught in a moment that feels never-ending. “Teenage Tide,” for example, revels in the highly saturated emotions of adolescence before abruptly self-destructing. The audio distorts as if the listener’s headphones have become dislodged during a run home from school. Hear this song, and another from Paper Crush, on today’s World Cafe: Next.”