Mean Creek in MTV’s Teen Mom, General Update

Stolen in part from the Mean Creek blog:

Our drummer, the man, the myth, the legend, Mikey Holland, had to have surgery on his hand this past weekend. At our 7 Inch release show last month in Boston, Mr. Holland played so hard he busted open his thumb and the cut got infected, and the infection got into his bone. It was a scary situation, and we were all very concerned for our long time friend, but the good news is he is out of the hospital and will make a complete recovery after 3-4 weeks of recuperation and good vibes from his groovy band mates.

On the upside, we’ll be announcing September tour dates soon, which we are very excited about, so stay tuned! Until then, we’ll be spending the rest of the summer finishing up writing our next full length album. We’re planning on heading back into the studio later this year to record it with the extremely handsome multi-talented producer extraordinaire, Mr. John Agnello (back off ladies, he’s taken!)

On a funny note, if you’re around a TV tomorrow night, tune into MTV @ 10PM for the season premiere of their show “Teen Mom”, which will feature MULTIPLE Mean Creek songs. That’s right guys, we made it!!!!!!

We hope you all are enjoying your summer, and we’ll see you very soon!

Love, Mean Creek

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