Millionyoung Premiere Replicants Pre-Order Your Copy Today

Check out the title track from the forthcoming debut Millionyoung LP Replicants premiered by I Guess I’m Floating.

Millionyoung-Replicants by Old Flame Records

Pre-Order Replicants on CD/LP here and get a digital copy free on 1/11/11.

Or you can buy a digital copy at your favorite digital retailer on 1/11/11.

IGIF says it best:
Millionyoung is one part rock ‘n roll, one part super synth, and a whole bunch parts of a dance party. The musical creations of Floridian Mike Diaz, his upcoming LP Replicants releases digitally this Tuesday and we’re stoked to premiere the title track. The cover art for the album is a lovely luau lady shaking it somewhere between Maui and the Milky Way, a spot-on visual representation for the sounds Millionyoung create. Tunes with plenty of blissful electro pop perfect for smooth beaches, yet enough amped up riffs to keep fiery volcanic enthusiasts at bay.

A short, smooth jammer to get you through Hump Day and add to the intrigue of Millionyoung’s full length releasing via Old Flame Records. There are many things making this song enjoyable, like a driving beat and well-placed handclaps, but the melodic shift at the 1:33 where Diaz exclaims “I’m never gonna find another love like this again” catapults the track into a different era of dance-floor bangers where odd hand gestures and frizzy hair were the norm. To top it all off, the Tyrell Corporation could make this track their theme song since it pays homage to the timeless Blade Runner.