The Coasts

IMG_9553“The Coasts conjure notes of Fleet Foxes, Dr. Dog, and Weezer to bridge a gap between aged Americana and emerging folk. These guys are winners — they not only won our Battle of the Bands, but they won us over with a killer tune. I hope they come back for more.”
- Adrien Grenier, Wreckroom

“This rock ’n’ roll duo makes minimalist music that doesn’t feel minimalist. The songs are straightforward and full of honesty and heart.”
- Paste Magazine

“Surfy without feeling coastal, classic without feeling dated, and sing a long without feeling hokey, The Coasts have captured a wide range of genres into a single album that goes from simple piano or banjo accompaniment to a full on tidy Black Keys.”

“Jingling pianos, well-placed beats and the occasional brass instrument create a sound so clean and fresh it almost could hark from the days when John Lennon himself strode the streets of New York City.”
- Gold Flake Paint (UK)

“The strain of thought in the words of Little Rock, Arkansas, band The Coasts is quite involved. It deals with so many personal issues – even very generic and widespread ones – that we’re sure very few if any will ever be resolved. One thing is for sure and that is that there’s no chance they’ll get fixed in a two-and-a-half-minute garage rock song.”
- Daytrotter

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