Ski Lodge

Ski Lodge was formed in 2011 by Andrew Marr. The band has previously released an eponymously titled-EP and the full length album Big Heart. They have received acclaim from Pitchfork, Interview Magazine, KCRW, Pigeons and Planes and many more.

“I don’t really know if, as a whole, its headed in any specific direction musically,” says Marr about New Life. “I’m ok with that right now.”

“I started forming the ideas for these songs early in 2014 when I wanted to take my songwriting and production in a different direction and do something I’ve never done before,” explains Marr, “Recording in my home studio, using synths, drum machines and samples for the first time, I was opened up a world that helped me develop new and darker sonic textures.”

Earlier this summer the band released the single “God Will Never Come For Us” which will also appear on the New Life EP.