The Glazzies

The Glazzies artist page

The Alternative Rock duo The Glazzies consists of singer/guitarist Peter Landi and drummer Dave Horn. Influenced by Dinosaur Jr, Nirvana and Local H, The Glazzies have made a lot of sound for just two guys. 

Originally forming the band in 2008 during their last years of high school, Dave took a hiatus from the band in 2010. After his departure, Peter recorded the band’s first album ‘Time Bomb Love’ with producer Danny Madorsky and studio owner/engineer Tom Camuso. The raw, live energy of the band was recorded in four days at Recording Studio E in Brooklyn, and features Peter playing drums on the entire album. The Glazzies then went on their first tour, having dates nationally and internationally in Canada.

For the band’s second album, Peter teamed up with Massachusetts native Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr, Pixies, members of Sonic Youth) to engineer and record the album at Sonelab, in Northampton. Peter found himself again behind the kit during the recording session as well as playing the other instruments on the record. Once the album was finished, Dave and Peter played their first show together in four years which led to Dave re-joining the band in December of 2013.

Most recently, the duo supported Australia’s You Am I for their sold out show at New York’s Mercury Lounge and played their first string of shows in the UK. Their new album, which features eight new songs, is set to be released in the near future.