The Teen Age

Mixing the recklessness of ‘70s punk and garage rock with the pop sensibilities of classic doo-wop, Brooklyn-based The Teen Age are equal parts grit and melody.

Since forming in 2012 they’ve shared stages with Twin Peaks, Diarrhea Planet, Palma Violets, Radkey, Big Ups, The Virgins, The Wytches and Crocodiles. 2014 saw the release of their debut EP, Ways To Adapt, on PaperCup Music, followed by 2015’s single “Low Cunning,” on Old Flame Records. In between touring and playing local shows, the quartet hit the Converse Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn to write and record their latest EP, Bad Seed.

The four-song collection was produced by longtime collaborator Jason Finkel and is set to arrive March 4 on PaperCup Music. The recording experience allowed the band to take the foundations laid out by Ways to Adapt and the “Low Cunning” single and develop a fully cohesive sound.

Written as an ode to growing older, Bad Seed confronts certain inevitable truths that you’ve spent your youth avoiding. It’s about reaching a certain age where everything you did when you were younger finally starts catching up to you, and you’re faced with two choices – either double down, or try to figure out how to overcome your demons. The songs stem from a year of finding out how difficult that actually is.